# Donation Class Every Friday 5.30pm

  Single Pass 5 Class 12 Class 20 Class
Foreigner 100K 450K 1.000K 1.400K
Indonesian 50K 225K 500K 700K

Ashtanga Vinyasa

Inspired by Ashtanga yoga, this is a style where the movements and the breath are synchronized to create a harmonic flow. Encouraging deep presence and awareness, there is also focus on postural alignment. These classes are often finished off with a short meditation or breathing practice.

Open to students of all levels.

Vinyasa Power

Vinyasa power is an invigorating and dynamic class involving a continuos series of flowing postures characterized by the breath. 

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa flow yoga focuses on synchronising the breath and movement by bringing a deeper awareness to each posture. 

Creative Power

Creative power is an dynamic practice aimed at awakening the body and mind at the start of the day. By melding the breath with mental focus, creative energy is stimulated and the body is invigorated. This class has a gentle pace and is suitable for yogis of all stages.  

Hatha Yoga 

This fast paced class is focused on using the breath to awaken the body and energise the mind. 

Anti Gravity Yoga

Anti gravity yoga is a fun, invigorating combination of yoga, acrobatics and dance. Deeper postures are reached through the use of comfortable hammocks and suspended harnesses. This class is ideal for those who struggle with back bends and inversions, or those who simply want to improve their flexibility whilst having fun!