Pranava Yoga Bali is a great place with a lot of positive energy and good spirit. Practicing yoga next to the rice fields will make you feel fully relaxed.
Please look at the table above to see our Pranava Yoga Schedule. 

# Donation Class Every Friday 5.30pm

  Single Pass 5 Class 12 Class 20 Class Monthly
Foreigner 100K 450K 1.000K 1.400K 1.800K
Indonesian 50K 225K 500K 700K 1.000K

Private Class IDR 600K ( For 2 person ) extra person add IDR100k/person

Yoga Styles

Here at Pranava Yoga we understand and appreciate that each body is different and that energy levels fluctuate regularly. We provide a variety of classes which are suitable for yogi's of all levels, from beginners to advanced. Our intuitive teachers will observe and adjust your postures according to your capability, helping you to gain the maximum benefit from the practice by honouring your body and where it is in your individual yoga journey. By treating each student as an individual we can make sure that you are safe and happy and most importantly, that you enjoy your practice! 

Ashtanga Vinyasa

Inspired by Ashtanga yoga, this is a style where the movements and the breath are synchronized to create a harmonic flow. Encouraging deep presence and awareness, there is also focus on postural alignment. These classes are often finished off with a short meditation or breathing practice.

Vinyasa Power

Vinyasa power is an invigorating and dynamic class involving a continuous series of flowing postures characterized by the breath. 

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa flow yoga focuses on synchronising the breath and movement by bringing a deeper awareness to each posture. 

Creative Power

Creative power is an dynamic practice aimed at awakening the body and mind at the start of the day. By combining the breath with mental focus, creative energy is stimulated and the body is invigorated. This class has a soothing, gentle pace.  

Hatha Yoga 

This fast paced class is focused on using the breath to awaken the body and energise the mind. 

Hatha Cakra

Hatha Cakra Yoga, Gentle and simple Yoga asana but more about focus to the breath and the 7 Cakra energy on the body every movement. Balance the 7 cakra energy with movement and deep breath.

Anti Gravity Yoga

Anti gravity yoga is a fun, invigorating combination of yoga, acrobatics and dance. Deeper postures are reached through the use of comfortable hammocks and suspended harnesses. This class is ideal for those who struggle with back bends and inversions, or those who simply want to improve their flexibility whilst having fun! 


Our beautiful locations.


Guest House

Matra Bali has everything you need to make your stay relaxing, reviving and memorable. Allow us to welcome you into our family and show you the magic of our beautiful island.

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Surf Camp

Family-Run Surf Camp in the heart of Canggu focusing on Surf-Crafting and Yoga. Come and enjoy true balinesse surf experience of a lifetime.

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Coliving & Coworking

Matra Coworking & Coliving offers 3-star accommodations with a terrace.

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Pranava Yoga

Pranava Yoga is a great place with a lot of positive energy and good spirit. Practicing yoga next to the rice fields will make you feel fully relaxed.

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